I am available for private or semi-private swim lessons, which can be tailored to fit your schedule and your training goals. I am also currently teaching an adult swim stroke class at the Elmhurst YMCA. I also teach a beginner adult swim class on Tuesday nights as well as lead a group swim at the YMCA on Thursday nights

If you’re interested in improving your cycling, I have a computrainer for testing and training. I am also now using Training Peaks to build and monitor athlete’s plans. Both these tools help provide better quality training for those athletes looking to do more than just finish.

Other coaching services include planning your training schedule and working with you to determine your particular strengths, weakness and training needs. The most important questions are: What are your goals? Where does athletics fit it to your life? However racing fits into your life, it should be as rewarding and enjoyable as possible.

My contact info can be found above.Lisle and Cary _1174